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As soon as Russia-Ukraine War broke out, Guangzhou Light Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as GZLI) immediately contacted the departments concerned and external relevant institutions, improved the sensitivity and response speed of risk control system and took multiple measures to respond to changes in the foreign trade environment, to minimize the possible negative impact on the business and effectively prevent risks.
In recent years, Tiger Head has continued to carry out overseas online marketing projects, optimized the layout of online channels, driven the digital transformation of enterprises through the promotion of new era’s network technology. Those moves above help company expand their international market, also enhance the amount of transaction, so as to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade in the "Internet +" era. Since the start of the project, it has successfully developed new customers in many overseas countries such as Rwanda, Mauritius, Algeria, etc. The cumulative order has exceeded 2 million US dollars, which covers dry batteries and storage batteries. Some new customers have formed continuous return orders as well.